Steppenwolf Theater–The Children

And then today….

I was going through last night’s playbill for Steppenwolf’s latest production of The Children. We have been subscribers to Steppenwolf for probably 20 years and I’m always amazed at how mind expanding and thought provoking the experience is for weeks, and sometimes years, after the initial viewing.

I have saved all my playbills.

Last night’s play The Children is best described by the playwright, Lucy Kirkwood, as “…how we can all know that we are living through a climate emergency, and yet continually fail to change our behavior. How can we go on pretending it’s not happening?

Well, one answer to that is that what we are talking about is a death. Both literal–the idea of a dying planet that will become increasingly uninhabitable and riven with famine and water shortages. And in a more metaphorical sense–to meaningfully deal with climate change means a rejection of the basic principles of Capitalism, under which in the West we’ve all had a really lovely and comfortable time of it over the past century. Action demands we give up things that we have been conditioned to think are our rights, things we feel our lives world be impoverished without–plane travel, bottomless carbon, Italian tomatoes in the winter”.

Yes. I agree.

Steppenwolf National Medal of Arts Award
Steppenwolf Tony Award

Although I try to be tuned in, I still find myself with lots of plastic and styrofoam waste (carry out and/or everyday packaging) that I feel guilty about.

Oh, and I might add, we drove home in one of those extreme weather situations that have been happening so frequently. I don’t know how the farmers of Illinois will get their crops in this season.

Food and water. Think.

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