SNL Remembering Chris Farley

And then today….

I set the recorder to A&E Monday night for the Chris Farley biography “Anything for a Laugh”. Adam Sandler just did a wonderful SNL tribute to him as well. One of my all-time favorite SNL pieces is when Chris interviews Paul McCartney.

Beginning of Chris chapter in Second City Book

As a faithful fan of Saturday Night Live since its very first night, I have acquired some interesting memorabilia over the years. Gilda, Tina, Phil Hartman and Will Farrell are other favorites of mine.

Classic from Aurora?

Games, record, sealed chocolates
Early drug death for John same as Chris. Sad.

Thanks Saturday Night Live. We stopped by 30 Rock when we visited NYC a year ago, but there was no performance that Saturday night. Oh, how I’d love to see one!

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