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And then today….

I took some time to check out and marvel at my niece’s website.  She’s right in line and ready to fill the shoes of Martha Stewart when she retires.

Jann has been creating exquisite custom window treatments for clients (many in central Illinois where I grew up) for years and I’ve loved seeing her posts on Facebook.  Now I realize by looking at her  website, I’ve discovered a wonderland of ideas and tutorials and recipes for creating a better home life!

Jann’s information will, of course, be beneficial to those involved in a real estate transaction–both buyers and sellers!  Her staging skills are evident in the videos she shares of her own home decorating!

I have seen Jann’s workspace and she practices what she preaches.  When I was creating my soft sculpture “people”, my work space was a mess!  That’s who I am, I guess.  Jann is organized and disciplined and very creative–and all while being exceptionally neat!   I want to be like Jann when I grow up!




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