I am dealing with deep disappointment that Hillary will not be the next president.  I share a letter forwarded to me from a friend:

Dear Friends and Board Members,

Having earlier watched Hillary Clinton’s deeply moving concession speech, I am having trouble putting into words the mixture of emotions that have roiled me today. I find myself tossed from shock to sadness to anxiety to grief. Shock that the country made the decision it did, sadness and grief over the loss of what could have been, anxiety for what the future will bring.

However, I will not allow myself to be overcome by fear and anger. The outcome last night was driven, I believe, in many ways, by a mixture of these emotions.

I am never more convinced of the importance of the work of the Chicago Center and of our work as stewards of the Center. Education – and, more precisely, the type of first voice educational experience the Center offers – is the antidote to what has divided our country and deeply fractured our government.

I am reminded of the words of the great thinker Jane Jacobs, who, in comments to the New York Times concerning civil disobedience in the time of the Vietnam War, said, “Merely by happening, civil disobedience affirms that outside the corridors of power are men and women who make judgements, possess courage, form intentions, captain their souls, and act on their own.”

Never before has the educational process itself felt like such a vital act of civil disobedience. Learning – about ourselves, those like us, and, especially, those completely different from us – is the most profound way I know for all of us to build courage, to engage one another with good intentions, and to captain our own souls.

Let us then redouble our efforts in our work with the Chicago Center. Now is the time to do good work in everything we do.

All best,

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