And then today…

It’s always the thrill of the hunt. I began going to garage sales and estate sales years ago when I was looking for props for the lifesize soft sculpture people I made.

I particularly enjoy homes of the affluent who live nearby as they have great quality stuff!

Today was a good day!

Autographed Spalding Basketball

Both Bob Love and Michael Jordan have signed this basketball. The man who sold it is good friends with Bob Love. What a gift for our only grandson! We have taken him to a Bulls game but it was after the glory days of Love and Jordan.

This Technics Direct Drive Automatic SL-D3 is a vintage powerhouse. I’ve been buying vinyl records for years and am thrilled with the quality component pieces I find at garage sales.

I’m playing a recently purchased album vintage Sonny & Cher and Cher is pouring her heart out on “Danny Boy”.

Life is good.

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