I am dealing with deep disappointment that Hillary will not be the next president.  I share a letter forwarded to me from a friend: Dear Friends and Board Members, Having earlier watched Hillary Clinton’s deeply moving concession speech, I am having trouble putting into words the mixture of emotions that have roiled me today. I […]

CROWDS–Desperation or Celebration

And then today…. I see the news story of the Syrian Refugees and I wince.  It is now burned in my brain–the crowd’s desperation, the cramming into flimsy boats and trains and through bus windows.  The beautiful children, the haunting expressions, the death, the hysteria–what can I do? I remember visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington […]


And then today…. Before I got out of bed this morning, I finished watching the last segment of this  3 hour documentary — awesome! The DVR description says: “Sequences feature the galleries of the National Gallery in London that shows how the exhibits are studied, restored and planned out over time.” I love to hear […]

Garage Sale Treasures, Hostas, & More

And then today…. as on almost every Friday and Saturday, I went treasure hunting at garage sales.  Because the Hinsdale area is quite affluent, you never know what you might find–beautiful furniture, expensive kitsch, like new toys!  It’s become my weekend game. I particularly look for vinyl records (been picking them up for years and […]

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

And then today…. Okay, I’ve been procrastinating long enough. I’m somewhat timid about blogging, but this class (subtitled “A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”) has given me the courage to begin in earnest.  It’s hard for me to imagine anyone would care about what I have to say, but I write for myself–if anyone else […]

Golfview Hills Waterfront Open House

Sunday May 17th open house from 1-3  555 W. 58th St., Hinsdale  will highlight the exceptional lifestyle of living on the lake in Golfview Hills! As I begin to learn the many uses of a personal website (this one’s from WordPress), I’m hoping to expand my knowledge on new and better ways to market my […]