Labor Days Past–What I’ve Done for Money!

And then today…. I’m grateful for my work ethic as learned from my family while growing up on the farm.  My dad encouraged resourcefulness and initiative.  I think that’s why I’ve often been “self-employed” in so much of my work. Last Monday, Labor Day, I began to think back and list my lifetime of jobs. […]

MTV. VMA, Vinyl Records–If aging isn’t for sissies, then neither is today’s music!

I’m crazy about music–always have been! I try to act my age, but I remember when the country was upset about Elvis and his simple gyrations on the Ed Sullivan Show.  That makes me 72. I watched the Video Music Awards Sunday night as I always do.  I know most of the music. I’d love […]

Garage Sale Treasures, Hostas, & More

And then today…. as on almost every Friday and Saturday, I went treasure hunting at garage sales.  Because the Hinsdale area is quite affluent, you never know what you might find–beautiful furniture, expensive kitsch, like new toys!  It’s become my weekend game. I particularly look for vinyl records (been picking them up for years and […]