Labor Days Past–What I’ve Done for Money!

And then today…. I’m grateful for my work ethic as learned from my family while growing up on the farm.  My dad encouraged resourcefulness and initiative.  I think that’s why I’ve often been “self-employed” in so much of my work. Last Monday, Labor Day, I began to think back and list my lifetime of jobs. […]


And then today…. Before I got out of bed this morning, I finished watching the last segment of this  3 hour documentary — awesome! The DVR description says: “Sequences feature the galleries of the National Gallery in London that shows how the exhibits are studied, restored and planned out over time.” I love to hear […]

Did Someone Really Buy These Ladies?

And then today….I rediscovered this photo which reminds me of my days as an artist??? when I would create and sell soft sculptures at art shows throughout the country.  Having no art background and teaching myself (like now, learning how to make  this website), I could not believe the respect and awards and money I […]