Steppenwolf Theater–The Children

And then today…. I was going through last night’s playbill for Steppenwolf’s latest production of The Children. We have been subscribers to Steppenwolf for probably 20 years and I’m always amazed at how mind expanding and thought provoking the experience is for weeks, and sometimes years, after the initial viewing. I have saved all my […]

Remembering Pfc. GUNNAR HOTCHKIN

And then today…. Tributes all around to our veterans (two brothers, an uncle and a cousin) and a special tribute for a local young man killed in Afghanistan. A memorial tree for Gunnar Hotchkin in Burlington Park is on the route of the Memorial Day parade and village hall program. The high school band was […]


And then today…. I will be visiting a cemetery the Memorial Day weekend as part of my volunteer work for Most requests for headstone photos come from people who are doing genealogy studies. My photographs over the years are diverse and quite interesting. Sometimes I will google the info about the deceased just to […]

American English Tribute

And then today… I’m going through my videos/photos of last night’s Beatles Tribute Band, American English. Loving all music and in college at the time the Beatles came to America, I’ve always appreciated their place in history and their incredible talents. It’s amazing that these guys found each other in that little area of Liverpool […]

Newton Custom Interiors

And then today…. I took some time to check out and marvel at my niece’s website. ¬†She’s right in line and ready to fill the shoes of Martha Stewart when she retires. Jann has been creating exquisite custom window treatments for clients (many in central Illinois where I grew up) for years and I’ve loved […]