One of my soft sculpture Marli Original creations!
              One of my Marli Original creations!  


Rocking 70+ as “life happens while I’ve been busy making other plans” and accepting the surprises of each and every day!

This website is a work in progress and I’m teaching myself via youtube tutorials.  Turning 70 was a really big deal to me and I’ve become very reflective looking back at what I’ve accomplished, looking ahead to fulfilling my bucket list, but mostly, just living in the now, as they say, with gratitude and hope!

To begin, I grew up on a pig farm in central Illinois and I now live in a Chicago suburb and I am freaking out that I am over seventy which means I reflect a lot on the past and I hope a lot that I have a future and I worry a lot about how I can simplify and enjoy the present by organizing my massive mixed media & music collection (including over 3500 vinyl records) and years of gathered garage sale treasures and I still work selling real estate and I love to garden, to create collages, to walk in the woods, to go to the zoo, to play with our dog, pig (Guinea) 2 birds, to eat raw kale salad from Whole Foods plus bacon & Snickers and, on that note, I plan to lose 20 pounds in 2015! More to follow….