Meatloaf’s BAT OUT OF HELL Revisited!

And then today,

I relish rediscovering last night, via a TMCHD hour television documentary, the music  and life of   Meatloaf: In and Out of Hell!

When I was creating my soft sculpture people, Marli Originals, in my over the garage studio in the ’70’s and 80’s, I use to play my two favorite 8 track tapes (Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell and Queen’s Greatest Hits) at high volume!   Because I often would get lost in my work, and because 8 track tapes continue to loop around and around, it didn’t take long before I knew every lyric, every pause, and the order of every song.

Last night was like a special visit from a long lost friend.


I have an addiction to music and vinyl in particular.  I looked up my album this morning (#339 of Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums) and I will soon have a chance to play it on one of my 5 phonographs.  Another indication of my addiction?  I continue to seek out records and music memorabilia at garage sales, but vinyl is “Hot” once again and the competition is fierce.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the process in putting together this album. Meatloaf’s scenes with Jim Steinman in the movie, both triumphant and testy, reveal how both men show incredible raw talent.  I appreciate that.

I did see Meatloaf in recent years on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice”.  I was more impressed with him in this documentary than I was with him on the tv show.  He is genuine in the music arena and maybe not so much on a reality show.

Regardless, I’m enjoying singing with the record again and reviewing the lyrics on the liner sheet.  Jim Steinman is a poet and the productions are unique.


Now I’ll also look up my vinyl copy of Queen.  I love everything they’ve ever done, but being a “fat bottomed girl”, I am especially partial to that song.

Music makes my world go round.  Thank you, Meatloaf and Jim.