Kareem Abdul-Jabber Book Signing

And then today….

I was looking through the book, Writings on the Wall,  that I bought at a book signing in Naperville last night.


Kareen Abdul-Jabbar is so impressive, so respective, and so informative.  The description inside the book says that in this book “basketball legend and cultural commentator Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explores how the America of Today is a fractured society, sharply divided along the lines of race, gender, religion, political party and economic class.  Abdul-Jabbar, in his celebrated second career as a writer and social critic, examines these issues with insight and passion as her draws from his own experiences as a superstar athlete, an inquisitive scholar, a celebrity, a father, an African American and a Muslim”.

Richard Roeper conducted a Q & A session followed by a few questions from the audience.  I was really struck by the diversity and respect shown by the audience, not only to Abdul-Jabbar but to each other.  It was a diverse grouping of varying ages, skin colors, and Muslims.  The young children seemed to be a particular favorite of Abdul-Jabbar and I hope they hear beyond the sports accomplishments to his thoughtful message and history lessons.

IMG_2803 (1)

It is such an honor to meet someone of Abdul-Jabbar’s character and accomplishment.  I read his column in Time magazine.  He has a good grasp of the current political scene.   Rational, respectful dialogue is a major part of the answer.