God Is Nature

And then today….

I turn to nature to contemplate the circle of life, the meaning of life…and just living!

Death and serious illness has been circling around me and I am affected by each one!  Although I don’t participate often in organized religion, I was raised by two loving parents and the Methodist Church and I carry those values with me every day of my life.

I have always been mindful of the most intricate details of nature, and I celebrate   its wonder.  Lately the birds are capturing my attention the most.  The horned owl family that lives in our neighborhood year round, and visit our back yard regularly, have been particularly active and vocal.  I love them!

And then yesterday… 

100_0471 2


neighbor Jim called to tell me about a mystery bird in the nearby park.  I got a quick photo of it before it flew away, but we think it is an Osprey.  How exciting! The best things in life are free!

Walks in the woods and some Elvis Gospel are also sure to inspire and help lift me over tough times!


Garage Sale Treasures, Hostas, & More

And then today….

as on almost every Friday and Saturday, I went treasure hunting at garage sales.  Because the Hinsdale area is quite affluent, you never know what you might find–beautiful furniture, expensive kitsch, like new toys!  It’s become my weekend game.

I particularly look for vinyl records (been picking them up for years and have thousands–an addiction, I know) and other music memorabilia, toys for my grandchildren (who are now getting to big for them) and trinkets for my fairy/hippie garden.

Today I hit the jackpot with beautiful plants for my garden from a gentleman gardener in Oak Brook who is dividing his Hostas.   He has 30-some varieties, he said.  I might go back tomorrow!

At other garage sales today, I bought an old copy of “Catcher in the Rye”, a wheelchair for American Girl Doll (granddaughter), rescued a couple of brand new games for Toys for Tots, and a few Christmas stocking surprises.

Altogether today, I spent $33.50.

Listening to the radio as I drove, I learned this is Shark Week, and Discovery channel will televise special programming including a “Walk with the White Sharks” on Sunday evening.


Funniest thing– I have a small mounted shark on my staircase wall that I once bought at a garage sale!

Oh Holy Hoarding….


The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

And then today….

Okay, I’ve been procrastinating long enough.

I’m somewhat timid about blogging, but this class (subtitled “A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”) has given me the courage to begin in earnest.  It’s hard for me to imagine anyone would care about what I have to say, but I write for myself–if anyone else is interested, that is a bonus!

Two important components of The Artist’s Way is to write morning pages each day and to take an Artist’s Date all by myself once a week.  More about the date later.  This is the beginning of my new morning pages.  I wrote religiously each day while I was taking the twelve week class and I realize I miss them.

My first news of the day is a text that a close high school friend, Patty, has died.  All my high school friends are close as I grew up on a farm in a small community of Chenoa and there were only 42 of us in our graduating class of 1961.  Many of us enjoyed 12 years of school experiences together!

Time is very precious.  I’m more mindful of this every day.

Someone wrote on Facebook page that Patty had this Dr. Seuss’ quote prominently displayed in her home:

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Dr. Seuss offers incredible wisdom and I like to quote him often.

And then today….

I will be working, listing a new property and showing another property.  I have much to write about my 30 years of real estate sales experiences–most of them very good!





Golfview Hills Waterfront Open House

Sunday May 17th open house from 1-3

 555 W. 58th St., Hinsdale 

will highlight the exceptional lifestyle of living on the lake in Golfview Hills!

As I begin to learn the many uses of a personal website (this one’s from WordPress), I’m hoping to expand my knowledge on new and better ways to market my real estate listings and to offer current real estate information.

5760 S. Monroe

5760 S. Monroe is also available in Golfview offering one level living at its best!

Although it is not waterfront property, it’s interior location is just steps from the park, the playground, and access to the private 33 acre lake.

Happy, Helping Attitudes

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference…..Winston Churchill

My sister recently sent me the link to this article from the Daily Pantograph, the newspaper I grew up with in central Illinois.  Chenoa was my small home town (population 1700) and this article celebrates the work of Dan Boian (I remember him well, but it’s been years and years since I’ve seen him) and his glowing attitude and life work as an owner/pharmacist of an old, old independent drug store.  I used to ponder over which penny candy to buy there 60 years!  This is a Mayberry type story.  Congratulations to Dan for a job well done and a life well lived!

Dan Boian, Chenoa Pharmacy

I continue to marvel at the attitude of a few individuals in Hinsdale, an affluent suburb of Chicago near where we live now, as they demonstrate joy in their everyday jobs!

1.  Congratulations to Buzz at the post office for a perennial smile and helpful attitude no matter the time of day and the length of the line.

2.  Congratulations to happy Michelle at Pages Restaurant (long history and vintage decor) who knows everyone by name and remembers what each usually orders.  Highlights for Pages include being featured on Windy City Live television show and Coach Quinneville, a frequent fan of Pages’ breakfast, celebrating by bringing in the Stanley Cup!

3.  Congratulations to Fullers’ Car Wash for the continuous polite and efficient work of their fleet of employees.


Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2015


do green, do good” is the theme of this year’s Chicago Flower & Garden Show.  We were there yesterday to get a “fix” for Spring, and it was quite stimulating with lush gardens and aquascapes.  However, my favorite part was the display of a variety of masks created by Women’s Journey in Fiberoriginated by Janette Gerber.  I’d sure like to meet her.  Different artists created different masks with a theme offered in a written note displayed to the side of each.  The above photo of Mother Earth by Jeanne Reed was accompanied by an essay ending with this line:

Isn’t it time that all people everywhere in the world worked together to conserve, share, and preserve the resources of Mother Earth?

I agree.

Petition Asking for Removal of District 86 Board Member


I just signed the petition, “District 86 Board of Education: Remove board member Claudia Manley after bullying incidents.”  Please read the article linked below and you might consider signing too.

Hinsdale High School District has been one of the top rated Illinois schools, even national recognition, but the present Board of Education majority of four have pushed their narrow minded agenda and I worry of the long term effects!  This is just the latest example of a board member’s inappropriate behavior toward a student.

Here’s the link:




Did Someone Really Buy These Ladies?

And then today….I rediscovered this photo which reminds me of my days as an artist??? when I would create and sell soft sculptures at art shows throughout the country.  Having no art background and teaching myself (like now, learning how to make  this website), I could not believe the respect and awards and money I received.  I felt like an imposter!

In the early 1990’s I turned to real estate sales for income.  The artwork had become so isolating I needed to be with “real” people again.

However, the moral of the story for me is that I loved the “high” of the creative process and the wonderful characters I met along the way.

Father John Misty

                 I enjoyed an “artist’s date” with Father John Misty today, as I carefully removed the shrink wrap from the vinyl (hot off the press) album I LOVE YOU HONEYBEAR, studied for a moment the album cover, opened the gatefold to reveal pop-ups and music (like a greeting card, only much better), removed the colorful records, and played them each side on my record player.  My favorite song remains “Bored in the U.S.A”, as performed on the Letterman show.  Very original, very interesting….




In 2002 we visited Lourdes, a small town in France, where we experienced the sacred grotto and bought holy water that is said to have healing powers.

And then today, in my quest to “simplify, simplify, simplify” I came across this last small bottle, bought some tiny glass vials at Michaels, filled them half full (a little drop will do you) and am now gifting them to friends like Patty & Kim & Tim & my sister, Jeannine, who need it.  Researching on the internet I discovered all kinds of miracle stories but I also found that “Saint Bernadette herself said that the water had no healing properties, but that people were healed by their faith and prayers”.   So let’s keep believing and praying….