Women’s March Chicago–Activism?

Ouch!  I haven’t been keeping up with this blog.


Our new POTUS with one insulting tweet after another,  one alternate truth (big lie) after another, one disruptive and destructive executive order after another….so I’ve now become an activist!

I posted these photos on Facebook and I am still hearing repercussions from conservative family and friends.  I live in one of the most Republican counties in the United States.   Most of my extended family supported Trump.  They were quite negative to Hillary.  Why?  It has to be life experiences.

Now the question is, do I really care?   I’ve been wrestling with this every day.  I watch the new members of the congress and I’m worried.  I hear family say “give him a chance” over and over and then I see Trump’s actions and hear his words.  This is hard.  I have difficulty being around some people whom I use to respect.  I’ve dug deep for the return of my sense of humor.

I guess all this is a form of grief.  I’ve only reached the anger stage.  What will tomorrow bring?

Hillary & Leonard Cohen–Tough News Week!


And then today….

I’m sad.  I’m scared.

Hillary’s loss was unexpected, yet always feared.

Leonard’s death was not unexpected, yet always feared.

Thank you Saturday Night Live for the pitch perfect combo of Hillary (Kate McKinnon) thoughtfully singing Leonard’s masterpiece, Hallelujah.  It has helped me put things in perspective.

Other ways I’ve been trying to stay positive and regain some sort of sense of humor include:


  • Covering an old guitar with photos of concerts I’ve seen including Leonard on the front side
  • Offering an extra Ben & Jerry’s “Schweddy Balls” empty carton on eBay
  • Having my hair dresser spray a purple streak in my hair after today’s cut
  • Taking photos of the super moon (and laughing at Kimmel’s joke about California’s continual frequency of super moons with the Kardashians around).
  • Eating a warmed gooey cinnamon pecan roll (it’s been years)
  • Starting my Christmas letter early (never before)
  • Receiving the 5 Cubs World Series locker room caps I ordered
  • Buying glitzy sequin leggings for our youngest granddaughter
  • Hand writing a letter of thanks to Hillary

I’m not giving up and neither should you!

I’m PROUDLY With Her!

And then today, I’m finally back writing and I’m hoping to find the right words.


This election has been quite difficult for me.  I’ve absorbed so much trying to be “truthfully” informed through reading reliable newspapers, watching reliable tv news shows and watching all the debates and both conventions.

Maya Angelou said “When someone shows you who they are believe them: the first time.”

Both candidates have clearly shown us who they are!

What’s happened to our country?  I’m 73 and I’ve been through many elections.  I’ve voted for Republicans and I’ve voted for Democrats.  But never do I remember such negative, dark insults and cruel actions on the part of the voters. I’ve witnessed this first hand from family and friends I have always considered kind and compassionate people.  I hear it and see it in public places from loud strangers.  I just don’t get it.

Is it social media ?–probably.  Is it racist?–probably.  Is it sexist?–probably.  Is it ignorance?–definitely.  Is it lack of courage on the part of most of the Republican party?–very definitely.

Tomorrow I will proudly support Hillary Clinton and cast my vote for the first woman president.  Her years of public service and working hard to help families and children and all factions of our country are well documented.

This election journey has not been easy or fair for her in so many ways.  May she win (please, please) and the electorate and congress “grow up” and give her a chance to do the good work this country needs and deserves.