Oprah & Marilyn–Two of a Kind!

And then today….

I celebrate the 62nd birthday of one of my favorite people, my niece Marilyn.  I’m always reminded of Marilyn’s birthday, because she was born on the very same day as someone else I admire very much–Oprah!  Today they are both 62.

We all know about the many accomplishments of Oprah and how she’s helped change the world in a most positive way!

Marilyn’s changed the world in a most positive way too, and her quiet successes have come in many different ways.

As the oldest daughter in a family of eight children, nurturing has always been a given with Marilyn as she helped to raise her younger siblings.  She continues to be the glue in the family bonds that tie the generations together.

It was no surprise when compassionate Marilyn studied nursing and for many years she has worked as a hospice nurse.  As a hospice volunteer for several years, I know from experience that the hospice health care workers are cut from a different mold and indeed very special people.

Marilyn lives each day to the fullest and in recent years has enjoyed trips to Greece (her husband’s homeland) and deep sea diving in Cozumel.  She gathers friends all along the way.

I am so glad to have Marilyn live nearby.  I wish Oprah could meet her too!  I’m sure they would comprise a mutual admiration society.


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