Unusual Pets


I recently saw on television a family (didn’t get the whole story, but I did catch the video) with a pet bison freely lumbering into and out of their home.  I found it fascinating as I, too, love all kinds of animals.

We presently have one medium sized dog and two birds, a talking African Grey and a beautiful Plum-headed parakeet.  In the past we’ve had three other dogs, a bunny,a Guinea pig, and various parakeets and a canary.  All give us joy!

Of course there’s the heartache of losing them, but the love is worth the finality of the loss.  Memories last forever and we honor Sasha, Sparky, Kersee, Bailey, Ruby & Oreo, often with plants in the garden.

Animals have a way of sensing your mood and adapting to it.  They deserve love and respect in return.

“The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals.”

Women’s March Chicago–Activism?

Ouch!  I haven’t been keeping up with this blog.


Our new POTUS with one insulting tweet after another,  one alternate truth (big lie) after another, one disruptive and destructive executive order after another….so I’ve now become an activist!

I posted these photos on Facebook and I am still hearing repercussions from conservative family and friends.  I live in one of the most Republican counties in the United States.   Most of my extended family supported Trump.  They were quite negative to Hillary.  Why?  It has to be life experiences.

Now the question is, do I really care?   I’ve been wrestling with this every day.  I watch the new members of the congress and I’m worried.  I hear family say “give him a chance” over and over and then I see Trump’s actions and hear his words.  This is hard.  I have difficulty being around some people whom I use to respect.  I’ve dug deep for the return of my sense of humor.

I guess all this is a form of grief.  I’ve only reached the anger stage.  What will tomorrow bring?