Golfview Hills Waterfront Open House

Sunday May 17th open house from 1-3

 555 W. 58th St., Hinsdale 

will highlight the exceptional lifestyle of living on the lake in Golfview Hills!

As I begin to learn the many uses of a personal website (this one’s from WordPress), I’m hoping to expand my knowledge on new and better ways to market my real estate listings and to offer current real estate information.

5760 S. Monroe

5760 S. Monroe is also available in Golfview offering one level living at its best!

Although it is not waterfront property, it’s interior location is just steps from the park, the playground, and access to the private 33 acre lake.

Happy, Helping Attitudes

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference…..Winston Churchill

My sister recently sent me the link to this article from the Daily Pantograph, the newspaper I grew up with in central Illinois.  Chenoa was my small home town (population 1700) and this article celebrates the work of Dan Boian (I remember him well, but it’s been years and years since I’ve seen him) and his glowing attitude and life work as an owner/pharmacist of an old, old independent drug store.  I used to ponder over which penny candy to buy there 60 years!  This is a Mayberry type story.  Congratulations to Dan for a job well done and a life well lived!

Dan Boian, Chenoa Pharmacy

I continue to marvel at the attitude of a few individuals in Hinsdale, an affluent suburb of Chicago near where we live now, as they demonstrate joy in their everyday jobs!

1.  Congratulations to Buzz at the post office for a perennial smile and helpful attitude no matter the time of day and the length of the line.

2.  Congratulations to happy Michelle at Pages Restaurant (long history and vintage decor) who knows everyone by name and remembers what each usually orders.  Highlights for Pages include being featured on Windy City Live television show and Coach Quinneville, a frequent fan of Pages’ breakfast, celebrating by bringing in the Stanley Cup!

3.  Congratulations to Fullers’ Car Wash for the continuous polite and efficient work of their fleet of employees.